If you need a vehicle Wesbank Vehicle Finance can assist you to purchase by providing you with the required funding to be paid back in an agreed period of time.

Wesbank Vehicle Finance for the Blacklisted

If you happen to be blacklisted and you need Wesbank to finance you, then all you need to do is negotiate with the company or individuals who blacklisted you and get ITC to clear your name and go back to Wesbank your application will be considered.

The following are steps to apply for Wesbank Vehicle Finance.

Step 1: Pre-screening

When starting a new application, you will need to visit any of the Wesbank branches and see a consultant who will ask a few questions to verify whether you qualify or not. If you qualify he or she will provide you with an application form. The following questions have to be met for you to qualify:

1. Are you buying from a private seller?
2. Are you a South African citizen or have a valid permit to live in South Africa?
3. Is the vehicle a rebuilt or stolen/recovered (Code 3)?
4. Do you (the applicant) have a valid South African drivers licence?
5. Do you (the applicant) have a clear credit record?
6. Do you (the applicant) earn R6 000 or more per month?
7. Is the amount to be financed more than R30 000?
8. Is the vehicle older than 10 years? If all of the above questions are met with a YES, it means that you qualify for a car loan from Wesbank.

Step 2: Complete the application form

The application consists of 8 pages. During the application process you will need to provide the following information:
1. Personal information, including a valid ID or passport number
2. Contact details
3. Spouses details (if applicable)
4. Employment details
5. A summary of your monthly income and expenses
6. Home ownership details (if applicable)
7. Banking details
8. Details of the vehicle / asset you wish to purchase

Step 3: Application submission

Once you have completed all the information necessary for the application, you can submit the application for processing. This processing takes a few  hours within the wesbank branch, after which you will receive a fully vetted credit response from Wesbank. The response is in form of an email and/or SMS confirmation of your application and a reference number.

For further queries or questions, please contact:

Telephone: 0861 137 137
E-mail: finance@wesbank.co.za
Fax: 0861 101 833
Hours: Weekdays 8am to 5pm Saturdays: 8am to 12pm

Wesbank Vehicle Finance, how can we help you!